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Friday, 20 May 2011


Dear Killa,

Mi just a bus inna de music business. And fi de first time inna mi life mi a get all sort of attention. Artist to artist- how yuh deal wid it?

Dear Jus Bus,

Well, yuh know it's Rodney Price, de girls dem dynamite…

(From mi) step inna the party girls a push and shove. Tell dem guy bye-bye dem madly in love, and a approach fi gi wi kisses and hugs. Kiss off we cheek till dem lipstick smudge. (Dem) wanna be a member of the fan club. Sketel ah wink mi but mi nuh even budge. (It’s easy to get) addicted to this, like it’s hard drugs. Nuff man ah cuss cause them filled with grudge. (Suh mi) big up mi fren dem and f&*^ up all mi enemy.(Although) mi see di fassy dem a watch and dem a penny me, mi juss a chill and a sip a glass a hennessey. A humble man a humble cause dem waan drain mi energy.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sex can wait…

Dear Killa,

I am 16 and in my first relationship. My boyfriend and I attend the same high school and we are both Christians. He is very cute and quiet. So far, we haven’t even kissed. We both want to take things slow- focus on our school work and do well in our exams. It is our opinion that sex can wait. But two girls in my class have started to pressure my boyfriend. They tell him about all the things they can do to him (sexually) and they bad mouth me. Sometimes when they say these things to my boyfriend, I can see that he is a little curious. He says that I am not to worry, but I am afraid I will lose him if I don’t try to do some of the things they tell my boyfriend about. Please help me.

Dear Virgin girl,

Some gyal nuh understand themself. Come in like some bottle pon shelf. Gyal! Go look a man fi yuhself…

Well, (if) she waiting to exhale, dat gyal gwine stifle. She and har friend (fi go) apply fi sketel title. Bout who clean holsters from who shine rifle? Mi nevah know sey dem a all 'Lot disciple'. Ina dem book have every man handwriting. Dem whole life and dem future wyaah brighten. Virgin girl yuh naah go a school go warm nuh bench and nuh chair, so just wave yuh hands in de air.

Monday, 16 May 2011

A We Sey Bleaching?

Dear Killa,

I am a teacher working with high school students and I have been noticing that many of our youth (male and female) are using cake soap on their face. They rub the soap on their face during the break and some of them leave it on all day. It is quite distressing because they don’t seem to understand the ramifications of what they are doing. They just want to be ‘cool’- like it says in the Kartel song. How can we get our young people to see the error of their ways? I am asking celebrity DJs like you to speak out against this issue.

Dear Teacher,

Mi nuh know how dem man yah fi talk bout dem a run di place and how dem a badman! A bleach dem face, and a cream dem hair, inna tight pants. Bun out dem bumboclaat!