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Saturday, 30 July 2011

The condom broke, she’s blaming me…

Dear Killa,

Greetings to you. I have a problem. My girlfriend and I are living together and we have a child. I promised her that I would not get her pregnant again until she graduates from college. We were having sex and the condom broke. When she missed her period, she checked with her doctor and found out that she is pregnant. She is blaming me for using an old condom. I told her that the condom was not old. Killa, it is a big mistake. I did not mean to get her pregnant, but everyday she is crying and I don't know what to do.

Dear Babyfadda,

Well, you know its Bounty Killa… ole village rooster!

Mi a boy weh love fling mi seed. Swell up gyal regulah-- yeah a nuff a dem breed. You see, de gyal dem want dem skin fi bore. Dem tear down all mi door, screaming and then bawling out fi more. (Suh) a nuh nuttin if dem breed, mi wi fadda dem.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Sex ‘Death Sentence’

Dear Killa,

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. When you take away power, strength and vigour from a man, it makes him feel like a cripple that has no more worth in life. So, when a man loses his ability to hold that power, strength and vigour in his penis, it is a certain death sentence for him. The penis defines the prominence of a man. When he strips down and the woman can be awed at the stand of his thoroughbred stallion that is being imposed on her. It is a compliment for a man's ego when he has that potency, that is hard and last long. But, men don't understand that to have this potency for a very long time, they will have to take care of themselves, so that the results continue to 'stiffen'.

Dear Doctor,

Some bwoy (ongle) look hard. Dem a pose and a hype. (Dem) big up dem chest and all a give demself sex stripe. But dem gal a tell mi seh (nuff a dem) nah wuk dem right. Dem only lie dung and a bitey bitey, all night. Well! When my ting rise, it stand up tall. When dem see it, gyal climb ceiling- den wall. Wey mi do to gyal, dem call it Karma Sutra. My something suh fine, superb and super. Gyal haffe run when mi dun drink mi Babba roots or mi tigerbone blend up wid di tequila.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Party time in Jamaica…

Dear Killa,
I am planning a trip to Jamaica with some of my friends. It’s going to be our first time to the country, but we want to come because we heard it’s a good place to party. Our motto is “more girls, more liquor, more fun”. When do you think is the best time to come?

Dear Tourist,
Yow, It's (all) about summer time. Drop top and hummer (time). De gal dem look summer fine. Gal dem bangin like a drummer. Can you see di summer signs?

From mi pool to di beach, pure gal a beep. Hot sexy gal, couldah some freak. Nuff gal a pop it off, nuff gal a drop it off. Seh dem look and waan show dem physique. Girls look good seven days a di week. Girls drop loose when dem see di sun a shine. From di fat to di slim, dem a love di summer wine. Girls are happy (and all) gangstas dancing (in de summertime). Partygoers are jumping- everybody go through something (in de summertime).