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Monday, 19 December 2011

Heditorial Comment: Bounty Killer gets Flak for “Lollipop” Song

Bung Bang!

Mi hear everyting wey dem a chat man. (But) talk is cheap! Pure rubbish dem a chat ina de heap. Spit dem a spit up de place, as mi (manager) build up de case. (Dem) a drop word fi try get mi mad inna dis. (Well dem fi) rush mi if dem tink sey dem bad inna dis. Run ina mi gun and come chat off yuh face. See if mi nuh tek it and shat off yuh face. Blow blow! mi use it and chap off yuh face. No fools out a road (doan) scare me. Dem a dis and dem a mock and waah come jeer me. (But) them cyah maintain. Them lipping and them flipping, them cyah sustain. Dem a do it in vain.

Jesus Fixed it!

Dear Killa,

I just got released from prison. I was locked up for about 10 years since I was in my early twenties. At that time, I was a ‘hothead’. I stole, fought and even beat my baby mother. I was taken to a counselor but it did not work, I continued to do bad things. By the grace of God and with the help of a pastor, I received the help I needed. Otherwise, my life would have been totally wrecked. So many of the friends I used to have, people I thought I could count on, deserted me. So, what I want to say is that the only way to get over your problems is to seek Jesus and let Him work in you and for you.

Dear Jailbird,

God up above will always be there fi de ‘God pon de ground’. Always be there fi Mama Ivy Son. Tell all who a wait fi see Bounty pop down. Tell dem gwuan wait nuh! A nuff a dem dida see mi deh a jail and couldn’t get nuh bail and as mi come out dem fuss a come hail. Mi agree- nuh gyal shouldn’t send mi go jail, but dat naah go mek mi hate de females. Well, I’m a general of strength and everybody can tell. I was still de general when I was locked into de cell. (Suh) tell all who a wait fi see Bounty go a hell. Alliance nuh fall nor fell!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Bitter Ex

Dear Killa,

I am having a problem. I am in sixth form and just started dating a girl in fifth form. A few weeks ago, some boys from her form tried to rush me because they say I stole her from their friend. I did not know my girlfriend had been dealing with this guy. I asked her about it and she said they broke up because he was always telling his friends their business. This guy’s problems should not be my problem. But, he has made things difficult by talking s&%^ about me at school. I am trying my best to keep the peace.

Dear 6 Former,

Lawd a mercy!

(Well, I had a similar experience). (I was) riding west inna mi bulletproof vest. No way, mi nevah identify nuh object. It could be “Antonette” or it could be “Paulette”- (a bwoy) hear mi argument and get bex. (A bwoy) see how mi flex and loose all confidence. Mek him fren boost him and him tek influence. (Because) him mouth so big..now (him) face de consequence. A Seaview man dis bwoy go talk gainst. Now (him) all a bawl and cyah pay de expense.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Colour prejudice in Jamaica

Dear Killa,

Jamaican women and men have been brainwashed by the media that white is right, especially the women. A lot of them are guilty of wanting light or fair-skinned men because they wish to have fair- skinned children. As a result, many of these men have been using products to lighten their skin. I think this is definitely a form of self-hate.

Dear Mrs. Kartel,

Some bwoy a wobble! A try get pretty like dem a super model. Wha dem a try, girlish behavior? Dem bettah call upon de savior!

Yow!..no cream to mi face, mi pants pon mi waist. Bad man tongue no bore. Mi nuh “Evette” or “Grace”. Mi straight from mi eyeglass down to mi shoes lace. Certain man cyaah come pon de base. (Dem) mussey lean ina (dem) head, (dem) couldn’t stable. What a calamity! (Dem) watch too much cable and start follow yuh see. Ina dutty culture dem start wallow yuh see.

Yo! Jamaica, mi a tell yuh, fi de yutes dem mi cry. Yute a wear make-up and all a try beautify. Ghetto yutes start dress up like cutey pie. Dem bleach till dem tun polka dots. If it continue so, mi ago shoot a guy.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Follow Fashion…

Dear Killa,

Greetings to you and your crew. I have been reading your column for a few months and I respect your advice that you give to people. I hope you will be able to give my son some advice. I am a single mother and right now one of my son is locked up. I had to struggle to make ends meet when he was growing up but I really tried my best with him. We come from the ghetto area and there are many youths down here claiming to be ‘badmen’. They say they earn their stripes by the amount of ‘duppies’ they make. Some people say it’s the music that they listen to that makes them so vile. Killa, I pray for him daily, but he won’t listen to reason. Please give him some counsel.

Dear Mummy,

Cross, angry, miserable! Poor people uncomfortable. What de hell going on? Jamaica get take over by a lot of sinner. People killing they brothers and they sisters for a dinner. Stupidness! Well, its Bounty killer, poor people’s winner. The Gladiator, the five-star General, the Administrator. Whad up wid those perpetrators? They should stay for later... Level!!

Cross! Rude bwoy deh a jail cause it’s about killing Percy. Mi nuh send (dem) pon nuh work, so nobody (nuh) come curse me. (Yute) go change yuh dutty ways cauw mi a nuh no nursery. Tink about de time and tink about de cemetery.Every now and den yuh prips de corners cause dem hot. Bounty sey “a nuh progressive tinking dat”. Wid de possibility yuh face ina gunshot. Either yuh dead or yuh drop ina infirmary. Yute nowadays nuh have no vision. Dem wyaah rich like de man pon dem television. Look deh, now yuh have man a sey yuh bad and a sey a yuh dem ago flop. (Dem soon haffe go) send fi mama, mek she come clean up dat. Full time yuh stop act like yuh blind. Rather see de problems and de signs a de time. War nevah nice, war evah hot. (But, police) naahve no mercy, (just membah dat).

Me run him head Killa

Dear Killa,

I am a regular reader of your column and I enjoy it. My boyfriend has two babymothers but I don't have any children for him. His babymothers are jealous of me, because I am living with him and I tell him what to give them to support his children. The other girl promised to obeah me so that I would walk up and down and talk to myself. My boyfriend and I are planning to get married next year, 2012. He is building a house and he is sending me to Miami to buy the fixtures. When the house is finished, these girls are going to go crazy. They call me a mule because I don't have children, but I know how to keep this man and I have made up my mind to be a good wife to him. Every day I take care of his meals and his clothes and do whatever he wants me to do.

Dear Fiancé,

Hey yo! Can’t you see, (dem) wanna be, crying to be, dying to be, trying to be… But, they just can’t be (you). Yuh a live yuh life, dem a try survive. Yuh cool like cucumber, just like ice. Every part in yuh body move synchronized. Yuh a di magnet fi mek (yuh) man nature rise. Dem deh gyal deh nuh 100%, man haffe love dem wid oil and one ting dem can sure (of) is just unwanted child. None a dem cyaah cross de line, dem haffe maintain de rules. (Suh mek dem gwaun chat) yuh stronger than dem vial and obeah. Kill dem wid (yuh) ways, yuh have pride and looks. (Yuh) can wash, yuh can clean, yuh can press and cook. (Dem) gyal (deh) a look war just because dem so vile. (Suh) mek dem galang, dem come in like a reptile.