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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mix-up Preacher

Dear Killa,

I just want people to know about some of the preachers in the churches. They say they are preaching God's word but I think they are not. I went to a church recently and listened to the preacher. He talked about everybody's business except his own. The preacher hardly spent time talking about Jesus. He was just in mix-up and gossip. He said everybody wants his money. Doesn't he know the Bible says the fool and his money will soon depart?

Dear God Pickney,

Before dem seek God, dem seek de devil. Dat’s why dis world so miserable.  But, de Killa sey, its Jah and not de Devil- him mek dis world be comfortable. Try know de man wey build de earth and de heaven-him a mek de sun shine, 7 to 7. I see earthquake and storm wey a dangerous something. Lightning and Thundah-dat mek yuh frighten. Volcano and Lava bun yuh out to nutten. Man all a fight his brother to get title- and war did start wid Cain and Abel. When Cain shoub a knife right in him brother navel. Now is de time to live as Jah disciple.

Dis part is to you Pastor Mix-up. Instead a make bridges, you a make more walls. Is like yuh doan see dat yuh Kingdom mek out of (lies).  Is like yuh and de devil have a album deal. Yuh don’t got no heart? Tell me, how do you feel? (Jah know) It bun mi feelings. (Dat's why) de Killa have to stay by de almighty, de protected and shield.

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