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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Finish Line

Dear Killa,

I am at a point of giving up, because I feel like so much is missing from my life. I have devoted the last two years to just work and school, and now I am frustrated because my life has been all about school. I just feel like giving up right now. This is my last semester before I graduate with my degree, but I don't want to lose hope. Is there anything you can say to help me regain my confidence and strength, so that I can complete this semester without feeling all this stress and pressure?

Dear Student,

Well, yuh well ambitious and yuh well decent. Put yuh hand ina de air cause yuh well intelligent. From dem sey good! A yuh de Killa recommended. (Suh) nevah let your problems get you down. (Yuh) gotta stay focus and hold your ground. Though it seems hopeless. (Though) sometimes the burden heavy and (yuh) can’t take de weight. (You’re) breathing and still living, so its (never) too late.

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