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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Heditorial Comment

Whappen to dem!

Well, recently my name was called up in a incident wid Movado at Quad. The newspaper said “As it relates to Bounty Killer it's incomprehensible as to why he has been made a person of interest by the police. He was nowhere near the vicinity where the incident happened and it's very regrettable that he has been caught up in this situation, especially on his birthday"

What I want to know is: a which fassyhole a call up mi name? A nuff a unu waan see di Killer get waste. A nuff fassyhole a bawl pon mi case. Nuff a unu glad when police raid mi base- but a hell when wi buck face to face. A nuff time unu try fi clown mi. Maficer, bout dem a Mafia! whappen to dem!...claffia. A nuff time mi have it and well waan fi sound it. A nuff time mi friend dem haffie beg and haffi hold me. Media and de press, all unu a try unu best fi drown mi. Unuh cancel mi visa but dat still naah ground me. Know sey de eagle and de hawk dem surround me.

Mi know sey unu wha fi sen mi go a prison. But unu cyah shake mi fate. Cauw I know within myself that I was born to be great. Suh mek mi just say it out plain- to those punks who call up mi name. It only mek me stronger when yuh push me down, so go ahead and tell de town. You doing me a favor when you push me round, cause everytime yuh knock me down. I get stronger and stronger…everytime yuh knock me down.

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