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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hangle de Wuk…

Dear Killa,

I have been having sex since I was 10 years old and in all dat time, mi nevah find a man that can satisfy me. Every man I have been with sey dat I am de best dem ever have. Cause mi nuh fraid fi do none of de styles dem want. Is something wrong with me? Or is it dat mi just nevah meet a man wey can hangle de wuk?

Dear White Liver,

All a de gyal dem wey know sey dem have leather interior, 5.0 litre…yeah. Are you ready to run mileage on de speedometer? Well, dem deh gyal deh a my passenger…

Gyal a tell mi how she big and brave. How much? She a wuk from a tender age. (But) when de killa start wuk har like slave, har something pain up fi months and fi days. Well, buckle yuh seatbelt and get ready to flow, she sey she have been working from har eye deh har toe. She can show mi nuff style, wey mi doan know. She bad like yaas and slippery like okro. (But) she nuh know de worky worky face. If she love herself she wouldah behave… cause mi hear wey she do wid all weak fence Dave. I’m sure I’m not a man of self-praise. But I will turn on de fire and mek gyal oven bake. If she evah get mi tool har sinting ring like bell. She run from here and run straight go to hell and rebel!

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