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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Lickey Lickey Girls

Dear Killa,

I always laugh to myself when I hear girls talk bout how dem cyaah find no good man. Well, in my opinion, is not the men that are the problem, is de women. Most of them just want yuh money. They don’t want no relationship, they just want what dem can get out of a relationship. Drive out, KFC, clothes, cellphone, why yuh tink taxi man have suh much woman? Is de hardest ting fi a man find a good, humble girl nowadays. Even de one dem wey call dem self Christian just as lickey lickey.

Dear Mr. Savings,

Eh Yow! Rude bwoy, how some gyal so greedy? Bwoy, mi a tell yuh, dem gyal yah move speedy…

Mi get gyal easy. Man believe me! A nuff a dem (gyal yah a) grieve me. Mi meet one, (sey) she wyaah go restaurant- she too greedy. (From) she see mi wallet , she start act speedy. (Mi) give har a one squits and har eye dem get beady. She start all bleach like de poor and needy. (After) mi get wey mi want, mi tell dis gyal gwaun leave me. She fi achieve me! (Dem gyal deh wi ) see yuh roll up and wyaah play join up. (Dem wi) see yuh and yuh woman and wyaah play close up. But mek dem know sey sketel bomb time up!

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