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Friday, 2 December 2011

Follow Fashion…

Dear Killa,

Greetings to you and your crew. I have been reading your column for a few months and I respect your advice that you give to people. I hope you will be able to give my son some advice. I am a single mother and right now one of my son is locked up. I had to struggle to make ends meet when he was growing up but I really tried my best with him. We come from the ghetto area and there are many youths down here claiming to be ‘badmen’. They say they earn their stripes by the amount of ‘duppies’ they make. Some people say it’s the music that they listen to that makes them so vile. Killa, I pray for him daily, but he won’t listen to reason. Please give him some counsel.

Dear Mummy,

Cross, angry, miserable! Poor people uncomfortable. What de hell going on? Jamaica get take over by a lot of sinner. People killing they brothers and they sisters for a dinner. Stupidness! Well, its Bounty killer, poor people’s winner. The Gladiator, the five-star General, the Administrator. Whad up wid those perpetrators? They should stay for later... Level!!

Cross! Rude bwoy deh a jail cause it’s about killing Percy. Mi nuh send (dem) pon nuh work, so nobody (nuh) come curse me. (Yute) go change yuh dutty ways cauw mi a nuh no nursery. Tink about de time and tink about de cemetery.Every now and den yuh prips de corners cause dem hot. Bounty sey “a nuh progressive tinking dat”. Wid de possibility yuh face ina gunshot. Either yuh dead or yuh drop ina infirmary. Yute nowadays nuh have no vision. Dem wyaah rich like de man pon dem television. Look deh, now yuh have man a sey yuh bad and a sey a yuh dem ago flop. (Dem soon haffe go) send fi mama, mek she come clean up dat. Full time yuh stop act like yuh blind. Rather see de problems and de signs a de time. War nevah nice, war evah hot. (But, police) naahve no mercy, (just membah dat).

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