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Monday, 19 December 2011

Heditorial Comment: Bounty Killer gets Flak for “Lollipop” Song

Bung Bang!

Mi hear everyting wey dem a chat man. (But) talk is cheap! Pure rubbish dem a chat ina de heap. Spit dem a spit up de place, as mi (manager) build up de case. (Dem) a drop word fi try get mi mad inna dis. (Well dem fi) rush mi if dem tink sey dem bad inna dis. Run ina mi gun and come chat off yuh face. See if mi nuh tek it and shat off yuh face. Blow blow! mi use it and chap off yuh face. No fools out a road (doan) scare me. Dem a dis and dem a mock and waah come jeer me. (But) them cyah maintain. Them lipping and them flipping, them cyah sustain. Dem a do it in vain.

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