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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Colour prejudice in Jamaica

Dear Killa,

Jamaican women and men have been brainwashed by the media that white is right, especially the women. A lot of them are guilty of wanting light or fair-skinned men because they wish to have fair- skinned children. As a result, many of these men have been using products to lighten their skin. I think this is definitely a form of self-hate.

Dear Mrs. Kartel,

Some bwoy a wobble! A try get pretty like dem a super model. Wha dem a try, girlish behavior? Dem bettah call upon de savior!

Yow!..no cream to mi face, mi pants pon mi waist. Bad man tongue no bore. Mi nuh “Evette” or “Grace”. Mi straight from mi eyeglass down to mi shoes lace. Certain man cyaah come pon de base. (Dem) mussey lean ina (dem) head, (dem) couldn’t stable. What a calamity! (Dem) watch too much cable and start follow yuh see. Ina dutty culture dem start wallow yuh see.

Yo! Jamaica, mi a tell yuh, fi de yutes dem mi cry. Yute a wear make-up and all a try beautify. Ghetto yutes start dress up like cutey pie. Dem bleach till dem tun polka dots. If it continue so, mi ago shoot a guy.

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